FinChamber Vappu Picnic 2017 at Margit Island

posted by posted by Ilana Varga on 2017-04-26.

FinChamber organizes the traditional Vappu Picnic at Margit Island on Monday May 1st, 2017 starting at 12.30.

Place is same as previous years at the grass field on the Margit bridge side behind of the Casino and Hold Udvar restaurant.

FinChamber serves the sparkling wine and little salty snacks. Main organizer is Timo Pohjalainen as usual.

Suomi-Koulu sells donuts (munkki) and sima (vappu drink). Laulujoutsen-band will be singing there as usual.

The planting of the tree (Tulevaisuuden kuusi/The Spruce of the Future) starts at 12.00 and there we can all go to the picnic spot together. The children may bring some plastic shovels with them and help in the planting if they wish. See the map attached for more details.