Visit to Wellis factory in Ózd and a trip to Eger

FinChamber organized a factory visit to Wellis in Ózd, which is a small town in Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén county. Kimmo Niininen, International Sales Director and Ádám Kiss, Group Manager for the assembly production support engineering, gave us a presentation and a tour around the factory which was opened in 2021.

The hot tub producer, Wellis Hungary Ltd. started from a small family business in 2003 and they are now a worldwide known brand. The company is Europe’s leading spa manufacturer and the products are known worldwide.

At the moment there are altogether over 800 employees in Wellis and over 500 of them work at the factory in Ózd. In addition to Ózd, the products are also being manufactured in Dabas since 2010.

Video presentation of the factory:

After the visit at Wellis, we continued to Eger where we stayed at Villa Citadella and had a dinner with delicious local wines.  We also visited the Castle and its’ museums the next day before heading back home.

Thank you Wellis and Villa Citadella for having us!