The Hungarian-Finnish Chamber of Commerce (FinChamber) helps and facilitates the establishment and business activities of Finnish companies in Hungary.

It was established in 1992 and became a registered association in 2008.

Most of the major Finnish companies operating in Hungary are members of the FinChamber but we also have several Hungarian corporate members that are somehow connected to Finland. FinChamber also welcomes supporting members/companies.
What we do:

  • We organise multiple events and help the Finnish and Hungarian business communities and businessmen/-women to network with each other.
  • FinChamber works closely with the Finnish Embassy in Budapest and our members have an opportunity to organize their companies’ seminars and other business events in their premises (companies pay a reasonable rental fee and depending on the nature of the event, the Ambassador or other representative of the Embassy can also give a short welcoming speech.)
  • We also forward information from the other chambers of commerce in Hungary, from the Finnish and Hungarian authorities etc. and our members receive invitations from other companies and organizations to different business-related webinars etc.

Welcome to join and participate!

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