Dear Trade Guild Members,

posted by posted by Ilana Varga on 2013-04-24.

Since Mr. Mertsi Lindfors has been fulfilling the tasks of Trade Guild president for five years it was time to change the president in Hungarian Finnish Trade Guild. I was asked and finally elected as president in the autumn meeting 2012, and officially I started my duty from 1st Jan 2013. Mertsi is keeping his position as a board member in the future also, otherwise there was no changes in the members of the board.

The main activities of the TradeGuild are still the same: informing, helping and facilitating the establishments of Finnish companies and their partners in Hungary. Beside this, the networking between the Finnish, Hungarian and even other nationality companies and private people is playing an important role in our program.

For sure today the crisis in economy in all over the Europe and other part of the world can be seen in Hungarian economy even more than ever. This, with the decreasing number of the Finnish and foreign companies and individuals for already more than ten years is challenging us strongly in our activities. The fast developments in Hungarian political and economical life, the changes in the constitunional laws and, for example, in taxation laws are also big challenge in the business enviroment in Hungary at the moment.

Since 2008 Hungarian Finnish Trade guild has been a part of Team Finland- project in Hungary. The world-wide Team Finland- program was published in Finland last autumn and the final official kick-off launching event in Hungary was organized by the Embassy of Finland in Budapest on 12th Feb 2013 together with other parties of the project (Finnish Embassy, Finpro, Finnagora, Hungarian-Finnish Trade Guild, Suomi-Koulu and six Honorary Consuls of Finland in Hungary).

Our first company visit in 2013 was taking place in 7th Februar, when Peikko Hungary Kft. was hosting us, thanks for Mr. Ferenc Markus, General Manager of Peikko for the interesting evening.

On Wednesday, 13th of Mar 2013 our Annual Spring Meeting was held in the Embassy of Finland. We kindly thank other members of Team Finland in helping to organize this meeting.

In the Spring Meeting we published the following program for this Spring 2013:

  • Trade Guild – Wellness Happening: 24th Apr 2013 in Oxygen Naphegy
  • 10 th Vappu Picnic – Margaret Island: 1st May 2013
  • 5th Business Poro: 23rd May 2013

We welcome all the Trade Guild members to join us in these events.

With best regards,

Risto Junttila


Board Member